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What makes us different
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Cloud computing

Flexible and scaling cloud with all the enterprise features at your hands

Our Features

Simple. Powerful. Reliable
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Full administrator access

If you don't need a managed solution we can alternatively offer full root access for self management

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Flexible billing

We provide one time, hourly, monthly and many other billing terms

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24/7 Support

We're here by your side whenever you need us. Any problems or queries just let us know.

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Blazing Fast Servers

We only use the best hardware - it's proven and does everything you can imagine

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About us

Let us solve the real issues

It's not just about the infrastructure. We understand your real needs. Information technology is here to improve the world. It should empower you and your business to accelerate growth. It is not a burden but a tool. It should not be a pain to your stakeholders. Let us work together and make this happen.

Hyperconnezion is a small startup from Hong Kong with a presence throughout asia pacific. It was started to resolve the inefficiencies in technology. Our dedicated team works on not only providing you technology but how it can improve your productivity. Whether it's improving office security, help you scale out to a larger audience or to enter a new market - we're here to help. Our team has many years of experience and have been serving many customers since 2011.

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Australia Office: +(612) 8006 4887

Hong Kong Office: +(852) 8170 2926